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    N.Y. taxi license hits record price: $600,000

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The price of a license to operate a New York taxi cab hit a record $600,000 in May, according to a lending company which financed the purchase.

    Medallion Financial Corporation said it had financed the purchase of two medallions -- the license to operate a yellow cab in New York -- for a total of $1.2 million by a large corporate fleet operator.

    "Prices of corporate medallions have increased from $195,000 in 2001 to the record $600,000 this week," Andrew Murstein, president of the lending company, said in a statement on Tuesday. It said the previous record was about $550,000.

    New York has around 13,000 yellow cabs. A typical $10 fare would cover a trip from the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan to the Financial District at the south of the island, assuming no time stuck in traffic and without a tip.;_ylt=AgMfoxa_D0JyyDSEgXKihycSH9EA

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    Re: N.Y. taxi license hits record price: $600,000

    It's alot of money, but I believe it is good forever, unless you break the rules(drinking and driving) in which case it can be taken away at any time, i think i would stay sober for $600,000.

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