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    My Greatest Gift.......

    Was the birth on our son, David Alfon L.

    5 years ago today, I was honored to be given the best gift any man can recieve, watching the birth of our son David Alfon L......

    HAPPY BIRTDAY SON...... :grin: ccasion6:

    Now I'de like to share our story with you....

    I was very much in love with a Filipina, now my wife for 6 years, Margie Villacorte L.

    I had met Margie 8 years ago during a diving trip on the Island of Cebu,Philippines. We stayed in touch thru the Internet, Letters and Phone Calls..
    After a few more trips and spending time w/Margie in Cebu, I decided to pop the question....

    It was Christmas Day when I asked Margie to marry me, and this was another great gift in my life, when she accepted.....
    We where married before my schedualed return home to the States...

    I then had to apply for my wifes Visa, which took over a year to recieve. I did visit my wife, two more times, during this process......One visit was a suprise for her, I should up at Margie's home for her 30 birthday in April of 1999, she was very suprised and it felt great to spend that speical time with her...
    I then returned home, to follow up on paper work and get back to my job.

    Soon after, Margie informed me, she was going to have our baby.....WOW, this really knocked me off my feet, but was very good news to me....

    Problem was we still had no Visa, and Margie would have to carry our unborn in the Philippines...I did my best to expedite the Visa Case, but not much luck on my end, the INS really is something to deal with, but thats another story..

    Finaly recieved word from INS, was told to go to Manila and the Visa would be ready at the end of Jan., 2000.....I flew to Cebu, spent 2 weeks w/Family and friends there, said our goodbyes at a very grand Fiesta, then flew to Manila with my wife and unborn son.....

    In Manila, things got really bad, INS and the Embassy, told me they lost our Visa package during processing...Well, I was NOT going to leave my wife behind again, so I called the State Dept. and got them involved.....

    Jumping ahead it's now April 1st...2000 and still stuck in Manila....Cash is almost run out, living in a pension house with my wife, daily trips to the embassy....Then we finaly recieve her Visa...But Margie is expected to give birth in less than 30 days...

    One last step is Margie has to go for her departure physical, and she passes with no problems, EXCEPT, the Doctor notes she is in her last term of Pregnancy in her Passport..

    Well, I go and get our airline tickets, and during this I mention my wife is pregnant, Then The Bomb.....Margie can't fly internationaly, while in the last term of Pregnancy......Oh Man, what do I do.....
    This is what you do, and what I did do.......I was already pissed off for all the mess up of others, putting us in this place to begin with, so I returned the tickets...

    I then went down the road to another Airline (Northwest).....I bought two tickets and didn't mention anything about my wifes condition......
    I then went to the Mall in Manila that night, I bought my wife a girdle, a very large and wide shoulder bag, and a oversized baggy jacket...

    Our day had come, we go to the airport and I actually put my wifes hand in my back pocket and told her to stay behind me and don't worry, with the girdle on and the hand bag and jacket hidding her plumpness, we proceeded thru check in and no one seemed to care or notice anything going on..

    We finaly where in the air and on our way to our Home in the States......One stop left overseas, and that was a stop in Japan, but we didn't have to get off the plane, we leave Japan, and now I feel great, I tell my wife to go to the Ladies room and remove the girdle, she does and the stewerdesses notice right away her condition.... :razz: They went out of their way to make my wife comfortable and even put us in buisness class....One of the attendents even said "Good For You"...
    We entered in Detroit, checked thru customs, then flew onto New York...Even that was a hassle, but getting this far, seemed even those in charge where pulling for me...

    We landed in JFK. NY.....on April 7th.......Both very worn out and mentally wooped..... My Mother and Two sisters where there to meet us, I actually cried for almost a good ten minutes on seeing them..

    I recieved a call at work 5 days later, Your wife is in Labor......

    Thank You God for watching over us, and giving us this most precious gift...Our Son David was born, April 12th,2000

    Truly, Ned and Marige L....

    Sorry if so long, but this is truly the most trying time of my life, and wanted to share it with you all at the PPO.... :wink:


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    Re: My Greatest Gift.......

    I know what you mean by the greatest gift in thw world! I have 2 of them! 3 and 8! Enjoy the day with the family!

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    Re: My Greatest Gift.......

    god bless ya , i have 4 kids all in college

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    Re: My Greatest Gift.......

    Congrats on your son's birthday, and here's hoping for many, many more!!!

    ccasion6: :wav:
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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    Re: My Greatest Gift.......

    Should have noted,

    Tues, is his actual birthday. But we are celebrating today, I've planned a party for him and his family and friends at a local Duckpin Bowling Alley........Should be a great time.

    I just hope they leave the gutter guards in for me also...LOL...


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    Re: My Greatest Gift.......

    Happy belated birthday to your son!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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