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    My Good, Bad & Ugly

    Well for it's worth, here's my list of G,B & U for this year's team...wondering what anyone else's is.

    Good: (As in still good for our team)

    Antoine Winfield...yes, he's been beaten a time or two...but he still defends passes and hits hard and has an A-one attitude.

    Corey Chavous...still makes a zillion tackles...still covering the guys out there...(too bad the D-sytem wasn't better for him)

    Pat Williams...absolutely can wreck the opposing front line...the best player of all of last year's acquisitions.

    Chris Liewinski...has been one guy that seems to be actually doing his job of blocking on the O line...very few penalties in my opinion too. (Mckinnie would be here with him, but a few too many holding calls that I recall on his part to make my Good list!)

    Marcus Robinson...has made some big plays and shown his talents when given the chance by our Oline and QB.

    Mewelde Moore...still trying hard..still has the moves when given an opportunity.

    Michael Bennett...(ya, he fumbled a couple of times in Cinci...and I know some will disagree)...slowed up and screwed up by his injuries...I'm still impressed with his heart to do well...saw him run hard when he got his chance...saw him tear down the field on special teams to make tackles...still has a good attitude even though has lost his starting role.

    Moe favourite vet has slowed...but was working hard until his latest ding.

    Troy Williamson...I think he shows a lot of promise for a rookie...I wish we could use him more than we are....end arounds, etc.

    Jermaine Wiggins...still shows heart...has dropped a few, but has caught a lot and been screwed by the zebras and many others.

    The Bad: (guys who should be doing better)

    Mike Rosenthal...come on Mike...block someone and TRY to get the snap count right!

    EJ Henderson...maybe's he's a victim of Cottrell's pitiful system...and there have been times when he's been in the right spot...but man, FINISH your tackles...and try to defend a pass!

    Sam Cowart...slow as molasses in Yellowknife in February.

    Jim Kleinsassar...missing a lot of blocks...dropping passes...illegal procedures? Kleiney's head is not in the game or this team...maybe a victim of all the distractions and disallusion?

    The Ugly:

    Fred Smoot...what a mouth...and no action to back it up...I'm not impressed at all with what he's brought to the team...I guess I was expecting a lot more...I have painful memories of Denard Walker dancing through my head.

    CoryWithrow...I guess he tried hard, it's probably his size that's the real issue here...but what was Tice thinking he could pull off being a capable centre?

    Napolean Harris...gee...he's really made an impact...hasn't he? NOT!

    Ted Cottrell...yuck...he makes a lot of players who would be good...bad or indifferent. Go back to New York.

    Daunte Culpepper...frustrating because he can and should of played better...way too many mistakes for veteran QB...just like Drew Bledsoe...has talent, but untimely mistakes that stand out like a sore thumb. I do hope recovers though.

    These are players that have stood out for me, either to the plus or the minus side...I know many may disagree with some of my choices...but that's just what I've noticed this season.

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    Daed on

    and right and Williamson.At 2-5,why not play him more.See what he can do and what his role for next year might be.None of the recievers the Vikes have now are #1's.We need to see if Troy can be.Smoot's coverage of Smith has been shown on ESPN for 2 days now.I'd keep my trap shut and try to cover someone if I were him.I think that Tice is thinking that if he can win a few games,he'll save his job.That's why he's not playing some of the younger players.My dream is,trade Culpepper to Denny for two good saftey's,Draft a good QB in the draft for Johnson to tutor.Get Onterio back and somehow get Moss back.The last one will be impossible,but the others aren't.

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