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    Re: My football season

    "cc21" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Hey CC, any chance of college ball?
    Let us know if you are getting recruited.
    Yeah I am. I havent decided where I want to go for sure though.
    What are your options?

    I will put in a good word for you with my pals at THE Ohio State.
    Is that good enough of a program for you?

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    Re: My football season

    *not to get off topic, BUT....

    our football season is going great! we're #6 in the state (texas) and the future looks bright. we have this one kid, sam mcgufie, and you will hear/read about him someday. this guy is unbeleivable. he has a 4.34 40 time and a 40 inch vertical (just to name a few freakish stats from this guy). we've played in 8 games and this last game he had 375 rushing yards, and didnt play the last quarter. (we won 61-28)

    i lost eligibilty to play last year because i had to take a required course (one that was an honor class) but the coaches said i had to go through spring training to play. next year i'll be eligible, but i am seriously missing out from football.

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    Re: My football season

    What's the latest on your season, cc21?

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