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Thread: My Brother...

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    My Brother...

    Hey everyone, I wasn't going to start a thread about this, but I figure the more people who know the more people can pray about it and support me through this. And while there are some of you who I don't know, I do kind of consider this place an "online family" if you will. My family just recently found out that my brother has been using and selling drugs and it has been really hard on all of us. My parents have told him he can either stay at home and go to treatment or he was not welcome, he chose to leave. He's 19, so he's an adult but he doesn't think he needs treatment and whatever drugs he's on have made him a completely different person. He has anger issues, is constantly paranoid, is not thinking straight and overall is just not the same person. Today my dad tried to bring him to counseling but he ran away from the place in downtown Minneapolis and we don't know where he went. My family has been very blessed over the years we've never really had anything like this happen but it is just a very hard situation for all of us because we don't really know what do do for him at this point. I am not writing this for advice from people, but I just wanted to let you all know so you can keep him and my family in your prayers. Also some of you have maybe been wondering why I have not been posting as often and that is why. So thanks everyone for being here for me, I know this is a place where I can come to just forget about stuff and I thank you all for making this site what it is.

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    Re: My brother...

    Sorry about that WBL. Hopefully he comes around and realizes that his family is more important than anything, especially drug dealing.

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    Re: My Brother...

    My prayers to you WBL. Hopefully your brother will come to realize the path that he has taken will only lead to bad things. My sympathy to you and your family.

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    Re: My Brother...

    Will pray for your brother and your family.

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    Re: My Brother...

    It is tough watching others make what we would label as mistakes.

    But when it comes down to it, we all have our own paths in life to lead. Some of the best lessons I have learned are from so called mistakes.

    For now, you and your family have done all you can. Just be there with loving support when he wants the help, and keep praying.

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    Re: My Brother...

    Consider your request granted...your family and your brother will be in my prayers. I hope that he comes to his's too bad that he can't realize how much you all care about him...hopefully he will before something irreversible happens. Keep your chin up...and stay strong!

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    Re: My Brother...

    I have been down the same road your brother is heading down. I have went through some trials and tribulations expecially at 19 years old. Nobody was going to tell me what to and not to do.

    I am now 25 and sober. I wouldn't change anything in my past because (as the cliche goes) It has made me the person I am today.

    I pray for your brother and your family. I hope that something opens his eyes that makes him realize that there are many consequences that come with that type of life style. Your all in my prayers and I wish you the best WBL.

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    Re: My Brother...

    U can pull thru this WBL.. I know ya can

    Hopefully he finds the strength to get outta that mess..

    My boy just went to treatment for MDMA and Rocks.. He relized he didn't need that shizz no more

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    Re: My Brother...

    My brother did the same thing.. he didnt sell.. but just took.. he started to ow money to some people and it was really fucked up.. he could become aggresive with people.. however it worked out ok - but it took a long time..


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    Re: My Brother...

    Its a tough situation indeed...poor guy. He's confused, young & paranoid. Not an uncommon thing at his age. Hopefully he will see the error in his ways before he or someone else gets hurt

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