"2beersTommy" wrote:
"Turboe" wrote:
Hey Tommy, can you still open these?
I cant even remember what I did on this it has been so long ago.
And when I try to click on the link I get a blank white page that comes up at Artpad.com, but not any drawing?

Just wondering if anyone else can still see the old pics we drew a couple years ago still on the links or not?

I remember this being pretty cool, but I cant remember what I drew exactly.

ya, I see the previous drawings arent there..that blows..LOL, I do remember yours..You drew a pic of the whizzinator & Kelly Campbell ? try to share a bong..when Onterrio told him to get his own!
That's right, I couldnt remember what it was, but you reminded me.
I wish we could get those images to come up again.