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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    "Potus2028" wrote:
    well.. at least the weather has been nice here lately 6....

    (if you're stiil having a sucky day.. dont bother reading 'THE BEST DAY EVER" thread.. its me bragging about my amazing day a few days ago)
    It sure has.
    WAY too windy today though.

    Life's a piece of pooh when you look at it.
    Do do, do do..............
    Great song!

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    Time for the turn around this week 6. Uphill. At least you will be better prepared for Y2K....oh wait, I think that happened already.

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    whackthepack is offline Jersey Retired
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    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    Hang in there 6, my thoughts are with you!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    Sorry for your luck 6.. If it makes you feel any better, I have gone through alot of rough times in my 28 years on this earth.. Hope everything goes good for you from this point on.. Take care buddy..

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    So you got my message 6 Kings?

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    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    Don't feel bad 6,

    After getting divorced & getting screwed by a female lawyer, without getting kissed, loosing my left testicle & being forced to pay my ex $350.00 a month in spousal maintenance for the rest of my/her life, a
    one-time $1,697.65 day doesn't seem all that bad from my shoes.

    At least you got a new refrigerator/freezer & a re-built tranny out of the day.

    I got hit hard in the pocket book for the rest of my life, since the judge decided she deserved to live in the same life-style she was acustomed to.

    I on the other hand was acustomed to sex at least 50 times a year & I wasn't even awarded half of that.

    It was more like "if you want sex, go f!!ck yourself".

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: My $1,697.65 day

    you had a bad day

    You Had A Bad Day

    Formerly Viking24

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