It has come to this:

AJ goes against Krisandra for the 2007 MVC Survivor Contest.
A couple of notes:

1 - Watch my Blog (AlabamaViking) on PP.O for updates on the contest.

2 - The final round will be 2 weeks in length to determine the winner (gets all the people together for the holidays).

3 - Voting will be in 2 places.
Both on PP.O AND on
The two sites MAY be combined to determine the winner, so make sure you hit them both.

4 - The voting is being monitored.
Multiple votes per day on PP.O will NOT be counted and could disqualify your candidate.
Be very careful.
The site where you vote has limiters so only one vote per ISP per 24 hours (and you can monitor the votes placed on there) if voting on PP.O gets out of hand...the only votes counted will be those on the site.
Just play right and fair.
We all have our favorite, but multi-voting per day taints the contest and the winner.

It has been an interesting year for the MVC Survivor Contest, but we could not do it without YOU...the voter and fan.
Get those final two weeks going for you and your favorite MVC and let's see who comes out on top.

Congrats to AJ for taking the week 12 voting!

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