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    Musical Geniuses, athletes

    Not sure they reach the same level of musical genius as some extremely gifted asshat like, say, eminem, but, they are right up there with him if you read the lyrics.

    [size=12pt]No rhyme or reason to these awful lyrics[/size]
    By DJ Gallo
    Page 2
    Originally Published: July 29, 2009
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    Re: Musical Geniuses, athletes

    John Daly -- "All My Exes (Wear Rolexes)"

    Yolanda she was kinda fond of
    How I made her feel
    And all my buddies used to ask me
    If they were real
    Now Nikki she was really tricky
    She loved to squeal
    And Debbie got a little heavy
    But that ain't no big deal.
    Love his new clothes.
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    Re: Musical Geniuses, athletes

    That is seriously retarded...makes Ding Fries Are Done sound like the Pachelbel's Canon.
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