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    Re: More media hate.......

    It's always nice to win when everyone is picking on us. Remeber last year before we played the Packers in the playoffs? There were so many posts on here about how much the media sucked and crap, then when we won it was so great to shove it in their faces.

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    Re: More media hate.......

    We played the game awsome. The Giants gave us nothing we TOOK this game.

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    Re: More media hate.......

    The Vikes' rebound from their nightmarish first half of the season is admirable, but this game was more about the Giants' ineptitude.
    I hate it when the media starts to compliment our Vikes with the 1st part of a sentence, only to slam them with the last part.

    The game is about offense, defense, special teams & give-aways/take aways, not just offense.

    How many games have been won on field goals alone?

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    Re: More media hate.......

    Hey, I LOVE IT !!!! Keep it coming media types ... this team plays well with the "Me against the World" mentality ... And as stated earlier, IT JUST MAKES IT THAT MUCH SWEETER in the end !! :banana:

    I can just hear it now, Chicago is starting to hit it's tough part of the schedule and when we overtake 1st place and then get into the playoffs ..... OHHH, they will be howling about everything that happed this year ALL over again.
    It will start with Moss, then Tice w/ Tix .... on, and on, and on ...

    I say Bring It Beeyatchs !!! They are just pissed, this team will not die and roll over on this season No Matter What.

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    Re: More media hate.......

    I've said it a million times: the media has a horrible tendency to exaggerate. :lol:

    Seriously, though, they don't really know anything more than we do. Sure, they may know a bit more than the idiots who constitute about 50% of football fans, but that doesn't mean that their word is divine truth.

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    Re: More media hate.......

    The media got burned once by picking the Vikes in the NFC North. I don't blame them for being cautious this time around.

    Besides you should have seen this coming. In fact in the prediction thread instead of predicting a score I said if we win, they will attribute it more to a Giants loss then a Vikings Victory.

    It was obvious before the game even that you would be hearing this nonsense. Now if we beat the Packers,Browns, and Lions. Then manage to take out the Steelers.....well then they wont be able to ignore it and the team will start getting some credit.

    Until then we are still nothing special (to them)

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    Re: More media hate.......

    I never look into what the media says, or what the weatherman says, they are both always wrong, where is the damn snow????

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    Re: More media hate.......

    18' in the mountains last night here. It's going to be resort time here pretty quick!

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    Re: More media hate.......

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    18' in the mountains last night here. It's going to be resort time here pretty quick!
    sounds nice, i know my friend there in Provo is going to be excited

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    Re: More media hate.......

    "sterlinghudson" wrote:
    well you guys did beat the giants up pretty good, i know they are saying they beat themselves, but id say your offense was pretty bad too, so its not like you werent handicapped.
    Media hate and Packer Fan hate?

    When is it was for all the marbles, Brad moved us down the field.

    I know our offense didn't look pretty most of the day. We had to strikes at the end zone that could have easily gone our way. If that would have happened it would have been a blow out in our favor.

    I think that the offense did what we wanted it to do. The coaches played it smart this time. We didn't abandon the run. If we would have thrown more, I think we could have moved the ball, but we were ahead and we were playing field position and clock management. With all of our quick TDs, our D had to keep going out onto the field. We couldn't afford to throw any incompletions and have the clock stop. We did it where we had to or on a few shots at the end zone.

    If the D holds the opponents, and it is a matter of special teams and field position, I think we have the edge over most.

    It wasn't a spectacular game on all avenues of the team, but we got it done when it the game was on the line.

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