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    Re: More good news, and a question...

    "southern_yankee" wrote:
    My gut instinct is to go for the second job, the one in your field. The only reservation I'd have is if they turn out to not hire you fulltime (not that you didn't do a great job, but maybe they can't create the position)...can you handle that financially/emotionally (no need to answer me, you can just ask yourself those questions)? I think getting a job that fits your education level will make you happier in the long run...and maybe getting that experience will help you too. Does the second company usually hire people like that (contract then permanent)? Or is there something about your skill sets that makes them more afraid you don't match up with the position well?
    They loved my enthusiasm, my attitude, just a concern about my experience. Well, how am I supposed to get experience if no one hires me?
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    Re: More good news, and a question...

    Always do what you love, the rest will fall into place.

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    Re: More good news, and a question...

    I agree with Prophet. Do what you love. I would press them a little more on the "to be determined then salary" part. Also make sure that the business is established and has some track record of success. Too many times people are given promises that a company can't meet. :smile:


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    Re: More good news, and a question...

    Go for the contract job man. Bust your balls and reap the benefits, plus you will be enjoying what you are doing.

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