MONONA, Wis. -- It was a costly food fight for some students at Monona Grove High School, and some parents said that the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Seven students, ages 17 and 18, are facing fines of nearly $300 each and four-day school suspensions for slinging spaghetti at the cafeteria pasta bar last month.

Junior Dave Peiss said that it was a "total, complete mess" after the food fight.

School administrators said that they wanted to take a hard line against such behavior.

Some parents disagree. Julie Raasch's son, Steve, was involved. She said that her son should be punished, but the fine and suspension is too harsh.

Parent Bill Amelse said that cleaning the cafeteria for the rest of the year would have been more fitting than sending the students to court.

Three students pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct in municipal court. Four pleaded no contest. Three others under age 17 pleaded not guilty in juvenile municipal court on Thursday.