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    MONDAY NIGHTER vs. OAK. will there be alot of tailgating ???

    WIll there be tailgating at a the pre season game like there would be for a regular season game a whole bunch of us want to go and are not sure if there is ? Can anyone help ?

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    Re: MONDAY NIGHTER vs. OAK. will there be alot of tailgating ???

    yes, theres' always tailgating at football games,even preseason,I went to the vikings /raiders preseason last year @oakland it was packed 5 hours before the game, preseason,regular season,postseason ... it dont matter you always party before the football game,'s just better when it's a vikings game

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    Re: MONDAY NIGHTER vs. OAK. will there be alot of tailgating ???

    Vikings/Raiders pre-season game last year,where??? They played in the pre-season in Oakland in 2003. The last time the Raiders were in Minnesota was 1999, and the last time they were there in the pre-season was 1995, was it not? Tailgating spaces in Minnesota has become smaller year after year. A couple years ago there were tons of parking lots that allowed tailgating,but thanks to construction, there are now but a few. You should try behind the liqour store off of Washington Blvd., but get there early! When I went to the Packer game last year that was a cool hang out, when I went back a month later for the Rams game the lot was cut in half!!
    I'd try to get there hours before kick-off. I'll be there with some Raider fans. We "never" miss a Vikings/Raiders game,regardless where they play, be it Minneapols,Oakland, or when they were in L.A. !! Here are some pics of the game in 1999 in Minnesota, and one I took for the Southern California Viking Club in Oakland,August 2003.
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