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Thread: MOA question

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    MOA question

    One for the locals who go shopping at the MOA. When we there last year there was a cart set up by the entrance to Camp Snoopy which sold calendars.
    We remember the woman saying that they were looking to have a shop in the Mall soon.
    Does anyone know the name of the company? do they have a store now or is the cart still there?
    I think they had a store in Roseville or Burnsville as they brought a desktop calendar over in the afternoon for us.
    Any help would be appreciated - we've looked at the Mall directory but nothing stands out for the shop name.
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    Re: MOA question

    I did a pretty extensive search and found nothing. I doubt it's listed in the "Stores Directory" because it really isn't a "store" but a Kisok (i don't know how it's spelled) within the mall the way you describe it. Sorry I can't be of more help. Too bad you can't remembere the name.
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