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One of the talking heads on ESPN last night said that we might opt for this guy in the first.

Brook Lopez
Top 5 pick.
Meh, just a sports hack figuring "Hey Minnesota needs a center, hey Brook Lopez is a center, wait I got an idea.
There is plenty of talent at number three(hey, Jordan was a third overall pick) I don't think the T-Wolves are going to automatically go after a center.
Especially since the word is Lopez is a little suspect with the boards, so I'm not sure.
It could be Brooks, it could be the Italian guy who's a small forward and at 19 was tearing up the pros over there(good players actually, and a much closer gap than college ball).
This of course is assuming Rose and Beasly go one two, likely yes, but not a lock.
Time will tell who the T-Wolves go after.
Thanks Schutz.

As with college football, I pay very little attention to college basketball.
Whats the Italian guys name?

Guess I am gonna have to do a mock draft.

Its Danilo Gallinari http://www.collegehoopsnet.com/new/danilo-gallinari-nba-draft-profile-42315
but i really dont think he will be a good pro, i would rather go with lopez or mayo
Gallinari is two or three years away...and will most likely be left in Europe to develop rather than brought to the US right away.
Apparently, D'Antoni of the Knicks wants to draft him and do just that.
Gallinari is a good pick for a team that wants to stash a player away while they get better as a team, then bring him in when they have all or most of the other pieces in place.