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    Minnesota Sports Scene

    I am not from MInnesota, just spent few years then, but I find it really frustrating the way things are in Minnesota sports universe. As fans, don't you feel the same when star players get traded because of owners' lack of spending and the team goes into another cycle of rebuilding. I don't want to hear anything about small market thing, I am way past that, all i want to know is how/why did the MN senate/ppl(sorry I dunno the details) approve all this tax money or whatever for twins stadium. Carl Pohlad is richest baseball owner in US, 92 years old and just about ready to kiss goodbye. And yet after getting os much commitment from local authorities about new stadium, commitment from fans, he can't shell some extra bucks to keep players like hunter and santana, year in and year out, it's the same old story. WHY? Why should fans go to twins game now, I find it hard to believe? First, Ortiz, Randy moss, KG and most likely Santana, they might as well make a deal for Peterson right now only, why wait? I know randy moss situation was different, so that's out of it, but still, why does minnesota have to be a b**ch of New England and give them stars year after year. I know Minnesota is not a big market, but c'mon if you keep some players, build a competitive team, shell some bucks and win some championships, I am sure a lot of more ppl would attend games, buy the jerseys, generate revenues. I have a hardtime believing Zygi is any different, after all they are all businessman, right now he has that new owner enthusiasm andall, but down the road he might be the same old nut. How can you fans still console yourself saying it's team and not the players, and continue to spend money for such owners like Carl pohlad. how?

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    Re: Minnesota Sports Scene

    I think your cup is half-empty.

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    Re: Minnesota Sports Scene

    I don't mind what we have done w/ the Vikings (getting rid of Culpepper and Moss), but the TWolves and Twins management really make we worry.
    KG has been my favorite player since he came into the league, so I'm happy that now he has a chance to win, but I am pissed that he couldn't get that chance in MN due to poor team management.
    Once the TWolves develop some draft picks, it should be a fun team to watch though.

    The Twins I do not follow as much since there are so many games and players are always being brought up and sent down.
    My favorite all-time player was Kirby Puckett and we have needed a hitter ever since he had his eye socket smashed in.
    Maybe Young is the answer.
    But if they trade away the best pitcher in the game, then I will pay even less attention to that frustrating situation.

    How bout that Wild team though?!
    Rock out with your cock out!!!

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    Re: Minnesota Sports Scene

    Bah Humbug!

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