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Thread: Minnesota Gov't

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    Minnesota Gov't

    I don't live in Minnesota so I'm pretty far from the situation. What's going on here?

    (P.S.-Try to avoid bickering over politics....AGAIN!) :grin:

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    Re: Minnesota Gov't

    They cannot agree on a State budget.

    Here is the story from

    Negotiations continue in Legislature
    Patricia Lopez, Star Tribune
    June 26, 2005 LEGIS0626

    With the shutdown clock ticking, legislative leaders continued negotiations on breaking a budget stalemate at the State Capitol on Saturday, but still had not reached a resolution by 5 p.m.

    "We're pushing up against the last hour," House Speaker Steve Sviggum said as he entered a late-afternoon Saturday meeting with Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson to make a formal counteroffer to the Senate's last position.

    Unless legislators reach a deal soon on the 2006-07 budget, the state will begin a partial government shutdown on July 1 that could throw 15,700 state employees out of work and close the state's network of parks at the height of the season.

    Talks appeared to suffer a setback on Friday evening, when a planned meeting with Gov. Tim Pawlenty fell through because of what DFLers said was a "miscommunication."

    Earlier on Saturday, House Taxes Chairman Phil Krinkie set off a flurry of activity and confusion when he passed out copies of a paper labeled "House Offer" that appeared to break with Pawlenty on two key points.

    It would have set a cigarette increase at 20 cents per pack, rather than the 75 cents proposed by Pawlenty, and it would have adopted an earlier Senate proposal for a $330 million local-option income tax to be levied by school districts.

    Committee members began working on the proposal, with Senate Taxes Committee Chairman Larry Pogemiller saying it had "possibilities."

    But by midafternoon, Sviggum had disavowed any knowledge of the offer and said he would be making the House offer to the Senate in a private meeting with Johnson.

    While he would not disclose most of the offer, Sviggum did say it shared one element in common with Krinkie's offer -- it would resurrect the racino plan to put slots at Canterbury Park. In Krinkie's proposal, the racino was to have generated $210 million for the state in 2006-07.

    Under Krinkie's offer, school districts could determine their revenue needs and then put on the ballot a local income tax, to be levied on taxpayers throughout that school district. The tax would act as a surcharge and would follow existing state income tax rates.

    Krinkie said he was unsure what level of support such a plan would find in his caucus, but said he wanted to "try out some ideas."

    The income tax increases in the Krinkie offer would be subject to voters' referendums and would vary district to district, depending on how much each school district decided to raise.

    Unlike the Senate's proposed statewide income tax increase, the Krinkie plan would apply only to those districts that opted for the tax. But once adopted, it would be levied on every taxpayer in that district, as opposed to the Senate proposal, which would impose a fourth tier on the state's top 40,000 wage earners.

    The money raised by the Krinkie income tax increase would replace the $218 million in education budgetary shifts and the $112 million in property tax increases that had been built into its previous budget offer.

    A gap, still

    The House offer would not completely bridge what is thought to be an $800 million to $1 billion gap between the two bodies, but it would bring it a step closer to closure.

    Pawlenty's chief of staff, Dan McElroy, said on Saturday afternoon that the administration had not had a chance to review the Krinkie offer and were waiting to review Sviggum's proposal.

    Without a budget deal, the state faces a partial government shutdown starting Friday. Legislators have said they expect to work through the weekend to avert that possibility.

    Other shutdown preparations continued through last week. On Friday, Pawlenty ordered his commissioner in the Department of Employee Relations to institute a hiring freeze in which only critical vacancies will be filled statewide.

    Unions representing state workers have scheduled a news conference on Tuesday at Fort Snelling State Park to emphasize the affect of a shutdown on state workers.

    The state started down to road to a partial shutdown when the Legislature adjourned at midnight on May 23, 2005 without reaching agreement on an overall 2006-07 budget.

    While it did pass certain appropriations bills -- higher ed and public safety -- unless it can agree on a global budget, there will be no authorization to continue non-critical operations of affected state agencies past July 1, when the current appropriations expire. Employees in those agencies -- nearly 16,000 total -- cannot report to work or be paid until an appropriation has been secured.

    Attorney General Mike Hatch and Pawlenty both went to court last week to have a judge determine what functions of state government could be defined as essential and remain operating despite the budget stalemate.

    Staff writer Mark Brunswick contributed to this report.
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    Re: Minnesota Gov't

    I have a solution...give all the $ to the Vikes for a new stadium!

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    Re: Minnesota Gov't

    Politics in this state are a complete joke. The worst thing about the whole deal is most of these people will be re-elected. All the politicians in this state sit on their hands then complain about the smell but refused to stop sitting on their hands. No twins stadium, gophers stadium, no nothing this year. :bs:
    You republican whore!

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