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Thread: Met Kurt Warner

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    Met Kurt Warner

    Kurt Warner was flying out of CVG today and I had a chance to talk to him. I only talked to him for a minute because I didn't want to draw too much attention. He is a cool guy to meet. I told him I was a big Vikings fan and that it was unfortunate that we lost to the Rams last season.
    He gave a little laugh and he said that he felt that the Vikings did great in the draft. He talked to other football fans as well and it was great to see him do so..even though he has the right not to do so. Another athlete that I have a lot of respect for is Muhammad Ali. He is a great man and is very gracious to his fans. Over the years, I've met other classy sports figures as well.

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    Met Kurt Warner

    that's pretty cool!

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    Met Kurt Warner

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    Met Kurt Warner

    you can tell he is a classy guy. he just needs that dimwit wife of his to shut her pie-hole...
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