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    Meredith Vieira's Son

    Well I was watching the "Today" show on NBC and if you don't know it is Meredith Vieira's first day to replace Katie they were telling her life story...about her family and kids...and one of her sons caught my eye...he was wearing a Vikings jersey! kid already I know...however it was a #81 Koren Robinson jersey...I am sure the segment was taped before the "incident" but I thought it was noteworthy.
    I wonder if he wears it anymore?

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    Re: Meredith Vieira's Son

    I have no idea why people bought his jersey. The guy was a special teamer, when he was a WR he had one of the highest drop percentages around.

    I guess maybe they bought it because of his epic story of his battle with alcohol........but damn why run out and buy a kick returners jersey lol?

    If you wanted inspiration buy a Tillman jersey or something.

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