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Thread: media player...

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    Re: media player...

    codecs are defined by the encoder that was used. Many times hack encoders piggyback codecs that are sightly modified binary packs. meaning someone took the source code of one and made some personal changes and then outputted it as a way to encode video.

    best practice is this.
    1. download the divx codecs. they are a great pack and can help with 90% of the codecs on the net.
    2. try to keep your video players updated.
    a. personal fav. WinAmp download the free one!!
    b. Some DVD players work realllllly well as divx players.
    c. Be careful which divx player you get and make sure your notloading tons of spyware with it!!
    d. If all else fails.. download divx playa.. it's got a good build and covers most everything you'll find. (cheesy player though)


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    Re: media player...

    VLC Media Player.

    Works every time.

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