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You guys will NEVER guess who I saw on "Match Game" with Gene Rayburn on the Game Show Network this morning?!?!?!

None other than BRIAN BILLICK!!!!!

He of course was a contestant, and when I first saw him (I had not heard his name yet), I'm thinking to myself "Man, that guy looks familiar?!?!".

Then Gene said his name and I went "OMG!"

My roommate showed that to me last year, if I remember correctly he was pretty terrible lol. I don't feel like rewatching it, but it's here for all of your entertainment.
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That's Match Game PM, BTW, the evening version, where the games are completely contained in one half-hour episode, as opposed to the daytime version of Match Game, where the games can spread across 2 episodes.
The PM version also tended to be a bit more ribald than the daytime version.

I *love* Match Game - best game show in history.
You can still follow them as a link.
I know.
And I did.
And Billick sucks.