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    Re: Marrdro's Spreadsheet

    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1084843
    Quote Originally Posted by "Purple Floyd" #1084558
    Quote Originally Posted by "Marrdro" #1080198

    You guys do crack me up.

    On a side note, the main spreadsheet is structured in this manner.......

    a. Those that have a clue. Probably played at some level (High School or Above) or coached.
    These usually have the same opinions as I do or at least can articulate an opinion that might make me change mine. In a few cases people in this column do know more than me (or at least thats my opinion of them).

    b. Those that seem to have a clue but are a bit off. Probably never been on a field or coached.
    These come up with stuff that I might not have thought of. Also they can form sensible arguments. Very easily swayed to my opinion or others that fall into column (a).

    c. Those that have no clue but still seem to be pretty intelligent and can be reasoned with.
    Same as b only it takes a bit more effort to make them see the errors of their ways.

    d. Those that have no clue and think they do. Unable to reason with them at all.
    These guys are usually the ones that posters that fall into columns (a) and (b) call haters. Pretty much a waste of effort to try to help them understand even the basics of football, however, I still try.

    e. Just here for the beer. Have some sort of love for the team but love the kinship with other fans of their team.
    These types of people are necessary to keeping the site fun and enjoyable for all. Most of them crack me up on a continual basis.

    f. Owner of the site. It doesn't matter what category he falls under. He owns the site.
    This guy has his own column for obvious reasons and with very few exceptions should ever be questioned. He owns that right.

    g. Idiot sports announcers or newspaper hacks that irritate me.
    Does it have a column for those who faithfully back a failed coach, a failed developmental 5th year QB and a failed OL that has not "Gelled" in 5 years? ************Snicker********
    Again, one more time for possible penetration..........

    I haven't backed the Chiller his whole tenure. I absolutely hate how he got the players ready during camp (slow starts) and was pretty miffed when he (and the FO pukes) didn't go after Cutler.

    And when it comes to TJ, I thought I was gonna get banned from the site during the SR49 episode when I wasn't supporting him.

    As far as the OL, I believe that gelled last year but is having small issues this year, mostly cause we are having G issues.

    But hey, maybe you are just trying to be funny and making shit up instead of actually talking about the real stances I have taken on here. B)
    Small issues? Wow.

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    Re: Marrdro's Spreadsheet

    Quote Originally Posted by "i_bleed_purple" #1084577
    Does Marrdro use Google Documents or something of the like so he can update from anywhere?!
    LOL, google documents. I still use "Wordstar".
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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