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    Many reasons to hate espn and abc

    Some of these reason are quite hilarious.

    two for example.

    24. The Outdoor Games. In a typical move, ESPN takes our insomniac treats–including the World’s Strongest Man competitions–and packages them into Sportstainment!. What they fail to understand is that we liked them because they were on when we got home from the bar drunk enough to find them entertaining.

    25. Lee Corso. Not so fast, my friend! His analyses come down to “Ooh! They’re tougher than the other guy!� or “Kirk said this, so I’ll disagree with him and put on this mascot head!� Makes the already superb Herbstreit look like a bona fide savant in comparison, which may be his role.
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    Re: Many reasons to hate espn and abc

    do we really need another reason? lol nice read.
    We're bringing purple back.

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