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    Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000
    It's like an episode from the old TV show "The Millionaire," in which a man who never appeared onscreen — except for his hands — gave out shockingly large checks to people on the condition that the source of the money never be revealed.

    It was a script come to life for a couple named Alissa and Barry as they ate last Thursday at Dr. Salami's Cafe in Pella, Iowa...
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    Re: Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000

    I wonder if Dr. Salami's will see an increase in business.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000

    Where's Iowa? I want to go.

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    Re: Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000

    Good for him.
    Money is way overrated.
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    Re: Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000

    The guy probably has hundreds of millions, just a drop in the bucket. I have tax customers that only make 40-50k combined and they still give 10% to charity every year,even with their 3 children,
    now that's impressive.

    This line says it all:
    "It's been a pretty stressful week — too much time to think about details," Alissa said.
    They recieved 100,000 dollars and life got more stressful!!!!Money is not the answer.

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    Re: Man Randomly Gives Couple $100,000

    What a nice guy hey ;D

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