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    Man with potent pot odor seeks gun permit

    LENOIR, N.C. - A man applying for a gun permit at the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office was instead charged with marijuana possession after authorities smelled it on his body.

    "The odor was so overpowering that it soon filled hallways," according to a news release from Sheriff Alan Jones' office.

    The canine team was called last week after officials in the office smelled marijuana on Dennis Lee Vines Jr., 25. Kilo, a German shepherd canine officer, found two small bags of marijuana, two marijuana cigarettes and two packs of rolling papers in Vines' pickup truck that was in the sheriff's office parking lot, authorities said.

    Vines was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was released on an $850 bond.

    "We see it all in this business," Jones said of the incident.;_ylt=AvGEh6yMAUthVLlzZ6_bqdQuQE4F

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    Re: Man with potent pot odor seeks gun permit

    Some people claim that marijuana does not impact your judgement, memory or other cognitive capacities.
    In nearly all such cases, those people smoked pot for a long time.
    When we stop to think about it, most folks behavior isn't perplexing after all !

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    Re: Man with potent pot odor seeks gun permit

    wow.....what an idiot :

    Thanks Josdin00 for the sig!

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