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    Re: Man to pop question in Super Bowl ad

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Zeus" wrote:
    I haven't seen any news about why it didn't happen.
    Hopefully, someone from the media has enough of a brain to do a follow-up on that one.

    Okay....I found this.

    (As a testament to CBS's clever plot to rip the geriatric demographic from the grasp of its competitors, in doing so collecting as many James Garner-insurance commercials as possible, I was so bored with the game coverage that I was actually looking forward to the rumored 'Proposal' ad. Apparently, some guy had talked his way into having his proposal to his girlfriend recorded live, and paid for by a commercial sponsor. I wanted to watch it for the same reason any other guy would: to see if she would say "NO" on national television. I hyped it up so much that everyone in my living room eagerly anticipated the event, only rushing to the bathroom whenever players were on the field. Naturally, I was disappointed when I learned via the poor sap's blog that the ad was pulled at the last minute. Apparently, CBS caught wind that people might have a reason to watch, and yanked it before its viewership would climb.

    The fact that this didn't crack the ad line-up is confusing. Don't most networks rely upon reality television
    The poor sap's blog,, no longer works, BTW.


    I saw his blog on there. At least I think it was his blog, there was a big write up and Q and A basically.

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    Re: Man to pop question in Super Bowl ad

    If Super Bowl proposal fails, ask her on local TV

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