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Thread: Man in Black

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    Re: Man in Black

    "cajunvike" wrote:

    Johnny and PacNWVike have a little more than a passing resemblence, no?

    Where is a pic of PNWV? I don't remember him looking anything like Johnny Cash.

    More like the announcer.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Man in Black

    Johnny Cash was awesome, I wasn't really a fan of his til I saw the movie, before that I had only heard his cover of 'Hurt' which was amazing.

    Thanks Josdin

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    Re: Man in Black

    yeah im a big fan now that i saw walk the line. one of my favorite artisits
    woo out
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    Re: Man in Black

    I've been a cash fan for a long time. But after seeing the movie, I went from casual fan to slightly obsessive. I've bought concert DVDs, posters, and albums. I just picked up "Johnny Cash: The Legend" box set - it is awesome. Especially the CD of him playing with friends and family. If I'm not listening to the radio, I'm listening to a johnny cash CD.

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