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    Man allegedly steals silver bit by bit

    ST. PAUL, Minn. - A plating company employee with a gambling habit stole some $450,000 worth of his employer's silver — bit by bit over several years, police said. Jadyn Earl John Sessing, 31, of Farmington, is charged with seven counts of felony theft in Ramsey County District Court.

    Authorities say Sessing, an assistant day manager at Cooperative Plating, took small bits of nearly pure silver starting in 2004. Cooperative Plating noticed the missing material immediately but attributed it to equipment problems and, later, a painting crew. Later, his thefts became bigger, police said.

    Sessing is accused of selling the silver to support a gambling habit. His attorney acknowledged his client has a gambling problem.

    Sessing "has confessed and taken steps, I'm proud to say, to recover from his addiction. ... He's a married man with two children who had a good job. Only an addiction makes this understandable," his attorney said.;_ylt=AhSGNvlTCycqi9X05cmXA u0sQE4F

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    Re: Man allegedly steals silver bit by bit

    You got to wonder how his two kids and wife will look at him now. I think its a shame when a kid can't be proud and look up at his own father. This type of thing hurts the whole family.

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    Re: Man allegedly steals silver bit by bit

    After you go through 450,000 it's not a gambling habit it's a losing habit.

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