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    Madden Challenge Anyone??

    Well, Title Whore back again!

    I was wondering if anyone was doing the Madden Challenge at Solider Field?

    In fact, anywhere. I hope that someone from this site will do it.

    And finally, if anyone wants to do it

    it's $15 bucks but you get to play at the stadium closet to you. I think you get a free tshirt and there is always players in the NFL there

    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: Madden Challenge Anyone??

    sounds like fun!! but since i live in Idaho, it would be a little tough to get to Soldier Field!! i am pretty disappointed in the Xbox 360 version of the game!! Offline is alot of fun!! the new blocking controls are really fun, but once you play online its like you dont even need it!! but then again i have really bad connection for some reason, and it is only on Xbox 360!!

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    Re: Madden Challenge Anyone??

    You get to play in a stadium!!!! WTF I have to play in a mall, I hate it you cant even move till like the 3rd round. GL Chi maybeill see you in the finals.

    Go Vikes!!!!!!

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    Re: Madden Challenge Anyone??

    Oh man!!!! I totally forgot about this!!! I am sooo pissed... It was yesterday here in Minneapolis! Did anyone on here go? Man am I pissed...

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    Re: Madden Challenge Anyone??

    i'd have to travel like 8 hours, i ain;'t gonna be there

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    Re: Madden Challenge Anyone??

    I won the 2004 Green Bay Madden Challenge with our Minnesota Vikings.

    But I won't be particpating in it this year, because it's on X-box again.
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