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    Re: Madden 2007 Site

    madden peaked in 2003 ????????? only a roster changes since then????? wtf are you talking about the game is sooooooooooo much dieffernt now its almost too realistic
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    Re: Madden 2007 Site

    i've played 06.. it wasnt too fun

    my team on 05, that was fun!

    i think we can all safely agree the qb vision was only god if you could figure out how to use, or had a really good qb.

    lets hope that the lead block feature doesnt bother us like qb vision does.

    any of you guys do the style where you're one player, or just the coach? to me half the fun is playing the plays, not just calling them.. but being able to call the play, and react by switching different players during the play

    even if all madden does is update the roster, who cares.. id pay to have the roster updated..

    what would be really cool is if you pay to get an upgrade patch, and load it on like my 2005 version.. but that would be impractical (ie uniform changes, roster changes, player stats, what if a team moves etc)
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    Re: Madden 2007 Site

    Here is anothe great madden resource to check out...

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    Re: Madden 2007 Site

    I already have Madden payed for!!!! I traded in some of my games and I put up like 10 dollars and I payed for it!!! I cant wait till Augest 22nd.

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