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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    ok get 360. i mean the graphics arent going to be that much different. and the prices for the games are only 10 bucks more. id get 360 now that i found out the games could be as much as 100 bucks. thats just queer. sonys gay!

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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    Get a 360. Sony is on crack and they are really going nuts with the PS3. The 600 dollar price tag, 100 dollar games and developers jumping ship because of huge production costs is spelling doom for them. They really have delusiuons of grandeur. They made the statement that they could sell the first million systems even if they DIDN'T SELL ANY GAMES at release. What kind of ridiculous statement is that?

    I say get a 360, which is going to be nearly as good as the PS3 anyway, and then tell Sony you aren't going to take their shit.

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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    UK PR Manager at SCEE. From Jennie:

    I would like to clarify that this is false speculation and that PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console.

    $600 for the ps3, doubtful games will be around $100

    the ps3 is a mystery, i have also thought about purgasing a xbox360 the way sony keeps their fans in the dark. its been almost a year since 360 came out and still no ps3.

    i recently purchased a cheap pc (350) with media center and i am able to play all my favorite games on that machine no problem, using the original controllers. i think from now on that will be the norm for me.

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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    "twill" wrote:
    i cant wait to get this game. im thinkin of selling my xbox and ps2 to buy an xbox 360.. or should i wait for the ps3? what do you guys think
    I'm waiting on th PS3.

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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    Screw PS3....its over priced....when its all said and done....360 and PS3 will play games identical.

    360 is the way to go...Microsoft has really took charge in the consal market.

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    Re: Madden 07 Rosters

    Xbox 360 will have better games, 'nuff said

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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