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Thread: madden 06 ?'s

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    madden 06 ?'s

    In the offseason I like to play madden alot so that I have some kind of football in my life.

    anyway I have some super star?'s on the game for the members that breath that game.

    I have a HB in his third year ...two mvp,two offense player of the year,two SB rings.

    1) still can't move out of apartment
    2) still can't get into the gym
    3) still runs slow!

    What do I have to do to get these things or change them?

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    Re: madden 06 ?'s

    well.. for the gym thing you need a new agent, but if you already tried that idk

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    Re: madden 06 ?'s

    Do you play every game? If not, you need to either install a great line and a good FB, and sim the games, or you need to just play every game and try and get over a 100 a game. I dont have 06 for xbox nemore (i got it for 360 and its completely differnt) but if you cycle threw your parents long enough, you can come across good ones and that'll instantly make your player really good. I got like a 92 raiting after my first year for myself at the SS postion, cuz my parents where really good.

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    Re: madden 06 ?'s

    Superstar is the most worthless feature ever. I got bored with that after an hour. If EA spent half the time they took on developing that into creating some decent blocking AI I would be happy.

    It's like who wants to play a bunch of practice, listen to Terrell Davis say the same old -ish, get drafted yo a team you hate playing, actually HAVE TO PLAY the whole team.

    I mean if they really wanted superstar to be good they would let you control only your player, and actually make it fun to do so.

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