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    Madden 05 or ESPN NFL 2K5

    "LosAngelis" wrote:
    SOmeday, I may have to take some of you on in Madden.
    With the Packers?!?! Pleez, can you say 600 total yards for Culpepper.

    One thing I have noticed about human players(not that computers are much better), is that they can't handle the QB scrambling. Playing with Vick is so unfair and culpepper is a better passer.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Madden 05 or ESPN NFL 2K5

    i know what u mean los. i simulate the season just so i can negotiate contracts and sign players and draft them!!! oh thats so much fun. and i always do really well and give some of my best players away for draft picks then draft studs!! can u say addicting.

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    Madden 05 or ESPN NFL 2K5

    I rented 2k5 when it came out, and was thought it would have been a decent football game a few years ago. The graphics are a little smoother and shinier, but the game play and features are just dated. The playbooks are limited, the defensive adjustments are bad (ho about a QB spy?), franchise mode isn't anything special and the players look like they have somthing up their rear. I was very happy knowing there would another football comming out soon. I am a big Madden fan so my opinion could be bias, but there are so many features that are in Madden that I am used to. Playmaker, both offensive and defensive, a deep franchise mode, controlls, playbooks, players look better, good online mode (cheating is very common for both games). I like hearing Madden and his nonsense, but the old guy does have some good things to say. I've logged in over 9 days worth of game play (Madden 04 I had over 14 days) and I still find new things.

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    Madden 05 or ESPN NFL 2K5

    I've been a lifelong Madden player, this year however I decided to give 2K5 (PS2) a shot and I was impressed. Now this is not to say that the game is clearly superior to Madden but I don't feel that there are any downgrades from Madden to NFL. One can argue all they want about how a player is rated, all games screw them up now and then. Personally after this year playing 2k5 I would say save the 30 bucks and go with ESPN, of course next year this is all moot as Madden has rights with the NFL to be the only game on the market using real NFL players.

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    Madden 05 or ESPN NFL 2K5

    I bought the dart board for my crib last night.
    A game inside a game pretty sweet. Plus Carmen
    Electra said I owe her dinner, much better visual
    than breaking bred with John.
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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