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Thread: Madden 05

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    Madden 05

    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    i just go online and update the rosters.. they have to most current rosters.. even all the same players that got cut or traded or signed and what not.. just easier that way
    well the most current official is a Feb 12 or so update, that just took off the players from the IR. You won't see an official one from EA till 06. Unless you get them for the PC or down load it a diferent way for a console, and of course not EA sports one.

    I simmed the 2004-2005 season, made some of the moves (trading Moss for the 10th overall) and adjusted the depth chart so guys were cut for not being happy, since they didn't play durring the year. I was able to sign Williams, and signed Dyson, although I will try to trade him to Washington for Smoot.

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    Madden 05

    I have Harris,P Williams, Smoot,Darius, and Burress on my roster and I saved it as Rmoss18. I also updated the other Free agent signings on it from other teams like Rolle to Baltimore,Muhammed to Chicago,and Warner to Ari to name a few.I just do this so I can mess around with exhibition games on the PS2. I just got done playing a game on All-Pro level with the Raiders at Minn. I won the game 34-3.I lost Burress in the first 2 minutes of the game with a broken collarbone. Go figure. I had 4 sacks,5 Int's on Defense.3 of them by Smoot and him and B Williams each had an Int TD for me. I also had a forced fumble with K Williams and P Williams picked it up for a TD.It makes me look forward to next season if our Defense is going to be that good.
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