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    Lynn Swann announces for PA Governor today

    The former Pittsburgh Steelers star and veteran college football analyst for ABC Sports is expected to kick off his political career by declaring his candidacy for Pennsylvania's governorship.

    Swann planned to open a three-day state tour at a rally in Pittsburgh.

    Swann, a wide receiver for the Steelers, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

    Aides declined to confirm the purpose of the tour, but Swann's political committee -- Team 88, named after his football jersey number -- has been raising money for 11 months. Swann has billed himself as a prospective candidate while courting GOP activists across the state.

    "It might be easy to assume" the subject of Swann's announcement, acknowledged his campaign spokeswoman, Melissa Walters, who also referred to the upcoming flyover as an "announcement tour."

    The 53-year-old Swann will be the last of the Republican hopefuls to make his candidacy official. Already declared are former Lieutenant Governor Bill Scranton, state Senator Jeffrey Piccola and retired business advocate Jim Panyard.
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    Re: Lynn Swann announces for PA Governor today

    What a joke! The Pubs are only interested because he gives them cachet with the middle and lower class...Swann is a DUMBA$$!

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    Re: Lynn Swann announces for PA Governor today ight=swann :wink:

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