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Thread: Lucky is back.

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    Lucky is back.

    Finally, I'm home again. It seemed like I was in Hawaii forever I must say I'm pretty glad to be back. Hawaii was a pretty place with a lot of hot chicks but there was plenty of jerks there too. I just got in not too long ago after over 24 hours of traveling to get home, delays, stops, etc. I'm to get back to my normal ways and low priced food. I must say, everything in Honolulu was so expensive it made me sick. Oh yea, I met a girl down there from Minnesota, she was HOT (just figured I'd throw that in because of where she was from). I went snorkling(spl?) which was awsome and saw a lot of the island which was really nice. What's weird about the whole thing is, of all the things you hear about Hawaii, you hear the people are nice but what I found out was the only ones that were nice were the ones that were paid to be nice. Speaking of not being nice, I stopped in an airport in New York and well I'm not even going to get on the topic of those people. Lets just say, I'll never live there. Well, I'm getting really tired at this point, I need sleep, BAD, later!
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    Re: Lucky is back.

    Welcome back Lucky!

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    Re: Lucky is back.

    Welcome back Lucky, glad to hear you had a good time!! What Island were you on?

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    Re: Lucky is back.

    Welcome back!

    I wish I could go to Hawaii...:angryfire:
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    Re: Lucky is back.

    I was talking to some people the other day that moved to Kentucky from Hawaii and they said, ya, Hawaii is beautiful but it's not anywhere near as beautiful as Kentucky in the Springtime with all the redbuds blossoming, the fields greening up and the turkeys gobbling.
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    Re: Lucky is back.

    Glad your back Lucky, missed your colorful sig! Get some rest then fill us in on all the fun you had! :lol:
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