KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A lovers' quarrel between two women got out of hand, police said, and one found herself nearly set on fire.

She said it was the first time in their 10-month relationship that she had seen her girlfriend get violent.

That girlfriend is in the city jail, awaiting possible charges of assault and arson.

Police said the trouble started in an apartment near East 10th Street and Prospect Avenue on Monday night.

The 24-year-old victim said she told her girlfriend she was breaking up the relationship.

Her girlfriend, 27, calmly asked her to walk outside, the victim said.

According to the police report, "the suspect pulled out a black 9 mm handgun and put it to the back of the victim's head and told her, 'You thought your last lover was crazy.'"

The victim said she ran across the street and turned around in time to see her girlfriend coming down the stairs with lighter fluid, which she allegedly poured over the woman's car's engine block.

When the victim tried to stop her, the girlfriend turned the bottle on her.

She ran farther this time.

Police said that when they got to the scene, the car's engine was blazing and the suspect was gone.

Officers communicated with her through her attorney and she turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday morning.

The victim said her girlfriend has called her several times, asking her not to pursue charges.