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Thread: Love Letter

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    Love Letter

    Love Letter Made Longer By Increasing Margins
    April 20, 2007 | Issue 43•16

    CRYSTAL BAY, NV—A half-page love letter written using Microsoft Word on Monday by Derek Glassburn, 19, to his girlfriend Amanda Tinker, 20, was expanded to a full page by increasing the document's margins by nearly one-quarter inch on all sides.

    "Even after saying that she was prettier than every girl I've ever dated, and that I loved her more than a bunch of stuff, [the letter] looked like I had put nothing into it," Glassburn said. "Besides lengthening the margins, I changed the font from Times New Roman to Helvetica, upped the font size to 12.8 points, and put it all in bold."

    Glassburn reportedly handed two pages to Tinker, deciding at the last second to add a cover page with the title "Amanda Tinker: Why I Love Her, An Essay By Derek R. Glassburn."
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    Re: Love Letter

    Does Derek tinker with Amanda?

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