Lost Kids of Willows

WILLOWS, Calif. -- The quarterback ran one last play against thin air, against an opponent who did not exist, and then he turned away from his teammates and dropped face-first into the grass. "Quit screwing around," someone said, and when it was clear the quarterback wasn't screwing around, the coach knelt down, felt for a pulse and attempted to resuscitate him. Someone ran to fetch a pair of scissors to cut through the quarterback's jersey and shoulder pads, and everyone else stood there and waited for the quarterback to rise again, for this stubborn hallucination to dissipate and the tedium of football practice to resume.

I feel so sory for that poor town.
I lost one class mate when i was in skool due to drowning and
friends brother
who was

few years older then i was due to huntign accident.
But i couldnt imganine lossing 3 in
my senior.