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Thread: Lost

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    Re: Lost

    smallville is good but i like heros alot too. on nbc.
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    Re: Lost

    I started watching this show with NeumDog.
    We watched seasons one on DVD whild season two was going on so I had to wait til the season was over and then watch it on DVD.
    Well we recently finished watching season two on DVD and am now caught up.
    It's weird to actually watch it on TV now and have to watch the commercials and actually wait until the next week to see what happens.
    I am still very confused about this show but it is one of the most creative shows I've ever seen.
    I'm addicted to it now and can't wait to find out what happens next.
    I am really curious to find out why Locke was in a wheelchair.

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    Re: Lost

    i download the espisodes.. it's starting here in greece. they just finished the first season and are working on the second.

    i'm inthe third. actually stayed up till 4 am to watch the first episode live.


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