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    Looks like Brock will be a Vike

    Looks Like Brock still has an extremely good chance to be on the practice squad.

    Former WWE wrestling star Brock Lesnar, released by the club Monday, probably will be re-signed to the practice squad later this season, according to Tice.

    "I can't promise that he'll be back before Dallas (Sept. 12)," Tice said, "but I think at some point this season you'll see Brock Lesnar back as a Viking."

    Tice added that the 6-foot-3, 290-pound Lesnar could become "a real good inside, nickel pass-rusher." The Vikings plan to allocate him to NFL Europe next summer.

    Does my heart good to have a guy on our team that just flat out wants to play

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    Looks like Brock will be a Vike

    Man that is cool as heck, glad to hear Tice is looking that way, like you said it is nice to hear and see a guy who really just wants to play ball for and with the Vikes

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