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    Re: Look at me! 4 yrs. at pp.o

    "Prophet" wrote:
    Today marks my four year anniversary on this site.
    Seen a lot of people come and go and consider some friends and enjoy a lot of other folks and the different stuff they bring to the boards.

    Some hate me, some are indifferent, some like me.
    Truthfully, I don't care what you think of me, it's the Internet.

    Just wanted to tack a 'look at me' thread in here for the benefit of people that hate those types of threads (SIA, Del Rio, and about 85% of the members).
    Been a fun ride.
    Who gives a F*CK what all those posters think!!!
    Keep on saying "Look at me" all you want, Prophet...although we don't wanna look at you if start posting nude shots of yourself with your farm "buddies"...those you can keep to yourself!

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    Re: Look at me! 4 yrs. at pp.o

    congratz on your 4 years anniversary......I enjoy your sense of humor it makes me laugh.....when are we forming the warball rules committee?

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