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Thread: Live on KFAN

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    Live on KFAN

    Matty B is filling in for the SuperStar on KFAN this morning.
    They started doing a segment called "Shoot your gun" where callers were supposed to call in and make a statement, back it up and then they approve or disapprove with appropriate sound effects.

    So I called in on my way to work and got on at approx. 7:43am or so.
    I am "Daniel from Apple Valley" when I call KFAN.
    I said "I'm ready to shoot my load."

    For Matt Birk I said:
    "EJ Henderson will be a monster in the middle for the Vikes this year.
    I watched his career at MD and he's following the same progression - slow start after big hype, then slowly learning the position before exploding with success."

    For Chris Hawkey I said:
    "Within 2 years, either Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson will be out of Hendrick Motorsports because whichever one ends up being #3 (after Junior and whoever) won't be able to handle it."

    For Sludge (called Dexter this AM) I said:
    "The NBA in Europe will succeed because young players, once exposed to European culture and cities will want to play there because life is more tolerant of them.
    Especially if the NBA is in places like Berlin, London and Paris."

    I got two thumbs-up sound effects (first 2 comments) and one gunshot for the last.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Live on KFAN

    Yay you.

    I hope you're right about EJ, I want to see him making picks this year along with the great tackles

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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    Re: Live on KFAN

    I thought Birk did a great job filling in for Morris this morning.
    (maybe even better)

    Jeff Dugan has to be the worst interviewee that I have ever heard.
    He's pretty quit with one word responses.

    I missed you though Z...
    I didn't start listening until 8.

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