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Sure did, the cometition has been shown here on NASN - which shows all North American sports.
Watched the game against California and then saw the game against Curacai live.
Well done to the kids they played well and deserve the win - first time I've ever seen any little league games and was well impressed with the standard of play - importantly was that the kids looked to be enjoying themselves as well which is important at that age.

They mentioned that one of the parents quit his job to see his kid play- as his company wouldn't give him unpaid holiday - and ABC asked if there was anyone that could help him - do you know if anything has come of that TV plug at all ?
I guarantee you that the guy, forget his name will get a job for sure. As soon as the team arrives tonight, someone in the big crowd awaiting the plane will automatically give the dad a job. Even the radio stations told everyone to give this guy a job, hes dedicated to his family.
Good ! about time some of these companies realised that people only work for their families and that they're the important thing in life - not work !
True to that. :wink: He originally worked as a cement truck driver and got an offer today for like another truck driving company, cant remember for who it was for. happy ending for him.