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Thread: Links..

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    Re: Links..

    "Vikez4Lyfe" wrote:
    Hmm.. Weird.. But thanks DV.. I clicked the 3rd and it didn't have a problem with me.. Did anyone else click these? If so did they have a problem?
    I clicked them all and had no problems here. :???:

    Is this the thing where you get to win merchandise and stuff like last time you posted them?

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    Re: Links..

    I clicked them all for you. When I clicked the 3rd one adobe reader came up and that always takes forever to load. It makes you wait till it is done loading before you can x it out.

    What does clicking them do for you again? It lets you get deals on that stuff or what?

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    Re: Links..

    ok i did it, whats in it for us Viking Fans :roll:

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    Re: Links..

    PPE- Yah it is.. I can win some KMK signed merch and stuff..

    CC- Thanks man.. Sorry for Adobe loading haha. I get points for people clicking them then i get to chose a prize when i get enough..

    Toss- The satisfaction that u helped me!

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