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    Was Lincoln a Racist?

    The Great Emancipator was far more complicated than the mythical hero we have come to revere.

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    Re: Was Lincoln a Racist?

    Doubtful, although to say that he didn't subscribe to many of the prevaling theories regarding race at the time is ignorant.
    Many people paint Lincoln as a hero who saved the blacks, but in all honesty he did what he needed to do for the country, not any particular subdemographic.
    The civil war was not about slavery - it was about right of succession and the power of the federal officers.

    Lincoln was a hero for many reasons, and he was also a man with faults.
    But I highly doubt that he could be classified as a racist.
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    Re: Was Lincoln a Racist?

    If you study history, you'll find that many people in the north still felt racisim, they simply didn't believe in slavery and thought it was unconstitutional.

    The only proof he offers is a speech given a few years before Lincoln became president. As most of us know, presidential candidates must speak to their audience. At that time, people feared what would happen if blacks were given the right to vote and treated as equals.

    This article is written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who is a Professor at Harvard. I realize he is trying to skew the facts a bit when writing this article, most likely to gain a little notoriety for this story... but it's pretty easy to see how/where he is wrong.

    I'm surprised such a novice sounding article came from a Harvard professor.

    This is in the same boats with those books stating Lincoln was a homosexual.

    "Historians" attempting to gain a little fame. No more. No less.
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