I saw WILD HOGS last night with some apprehension . . . as virtually every critic under the sun hated it.

I'm done listening to the critics.
Why does every movie need to be some deep, intellectual, well developed story with whitty writing?

I saw "Little Miss Sunshine" and fell asleep . . . and it was a critic's darling.

I saw "Wild Hogs" and pretty much laughed my "mindless" arse off from the beginning to the end.
I saw it in its 2nd week of release . . . and the theater was PACKED!
The earlier showing SOLD OUT, and by the looks of things . . . so did our timeslot!
The audience even clapped and cheered when it ended . . . I can't remember the last time I saw that.

Anyway . . . on to part 2 of this thread . . . BIKES!

What do you have . . . how much did it cost . . . pros / cons of it . . . advice for those considering getting one . . . mandatory extra's such as clothing / accessories, etc.