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Not that big of a deal, granted it was pretty high, but I, and other people I know have driven at that speed. It is stupid, but nothing to create to much of a fuss over. If he had drank on the other hand, it would be a different story.
*derailing thread
Yet most on this site think Smith needs to go for pot. Alot more people die from driving over the speed limit than smoking a little grass.
Totally agree....damn man where were you when i needed back up on the Smith topic on the message board?
Getting high.
Although I think there is much more to "wanting to let Smth go" besides the pot smoking incident.
He has been involved with off-field incidents his entire career.
When he came here he was supposed to be a changed man with his head on straight, then within a few months he gets caught bangin some chick in a stairwell.
Plus from what I recall he's also had some incidents with Chilly.

I personally don't think he's that bad of a guy, but if he becomes a distraction than it's time to cut ties.
It's not like he is anything special anyways.