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    Laying out some smack!

    So, we have a long history of troll bashing and general trouncing of idiocy around here...

    we are signing an agreement with a company that will allow us to put in to place a live trash talking chat that ponies us up against our upcoming team's fans each week...

    Question is, and I am sure I know the answer...

    Would everyone like to be able to kick into that all week at will, or should I just have it appear for gameday.

    Not everyone likes to go talk shit for the sake of it, but there is a good number of us around here!


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    Re: Laying out some smack!

    Sounds like a dandy idea, Webby...let the trolls show off their double-digit IQs and family [strike]trees[/strike] coat racks in the chat.

    Question, they officially get banned if they track their feces-covered hoof prints into the regular threads?

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    Re: Laying out some smack!

    Sounds like a fine idea to me! With a little luck the Jets will be 0-3 and ripe for some serious sh!t.
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    Re: Laying out some smack!

    I'n not a trash talker, never have been, never will be. But for those of you who are, if enough are in favor, I say go for it. Maybe we'll get lucky and the trolls will confine themselves to the live chat and keep the boards free of their moronic drivel.

    Of course, polite knowledgeable opponent fans are still more than welcome to post their thoughts.

    For traffic handling reasons, I would recommend keeping it limited to just gameday, or maybe Saturday/Sunday, but I leave that decision to those who would actually be using it.

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    Re: Laying out some smack!

    Yes. Make it happen. All in one place so its not all over the boards.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Laying out some smack!

    We had better start scoring more than 9 or 10 points a game or we won't be talking much trash we will just be having it dumped on us by the can load.


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