"jmcdon00" wrote:
"Mr." wrote:
Good for both teams I guess. Gasol isn't your true number 1, game changing player like Kobe or Dwayne wade.But what he brings to the table is consistency and defense.I think what the lakers needed most, they got.Someone who just like Kobe, is gonna give you points night in and night out.Good acquisition for L.A. certainly.
Don't put Dwayne Wade in the same conversation as Kobe. How is Dwayne doing this year? I guess it doesn't hurt that the Heat front office gotten taken by Kevin McHale. Antwan Walker(sucks, but has a short contract) and a first round pick for Ricky Davis(sucks and has a huge contract for a few years) and Mark Blunt(sucks)!!!!. I mean how bad do you have to be to get taken by Kevin McHale?
I thought the Coach drafted the players.